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#ShutOutScammers Campaign are working in partnership with Trading Standards Scotland, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue and Neighbourhood Watch Scotland on the #ShutOutScammers campaign. This campaign launched on Monday 15th June 2020 and highlights the detrimental impacts doorstep scams have on Scottish consumers.

The partnership between the various organisations will share up to 10,000 hard copy guides to consumers through COVID-19 shielding packs distributed by Police Scotland and Local Authority Trading Standards. This is to highlight the various resources and services that are out there to tackle potential scams and spot scammers.

Due to current travel and social distancing restrictions, resources will also be available online, with information available to the public through the various partner pages. More information and access to these packs is available at

CEO of, Andrew Bartlett said:

“Doorstep scams impact everyone. When our neighbours, friends and family members are targeted by rogue traders, the impacts are far-reaching - financially and emotionally. Targets of these scams are particularly vulnerable at this time due to the need for some to social distance from support networks that they could normally reach out to.”

“These scams place consumers in positions of serious detriment and ultimately affect us all. We would urge anyone who has been impacted by doorstep scams, including those dealing with a trader where something doesn’t feel quite right, to contact us.”

For more information on the campaign, you can visit or watch out for #ShutOutScammers on Facebook & Twitter.



Coronavirus Consumer Rights has prepared comprehensive advice and information for consumers who have been affected by the coronavirus crisis. 

This covers:

1. Travel 

2. Cancellations of Concerts, Events & Entertainment 

3. Deliveries & Online Orders 

4. Planning for Shortages / Price Increases 




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