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I want help checking goods online

Is that bargain all it seems?

From goods that don’t arrive, to those that are dangerous, unfit for purpose or counterfeit - it can be hard to make a safe choice when you are shopping online.

The harm from fake, dangerous, or illicit goods isn’t just to your bank balance. These products are often very poor quality, haven’t been safety tested, or have been found to be dangerous - meaning your family, health and home is at increased risk of harm.

Shop safer - check before you buy

We’ve partnered with Scottish startup Vistalworks to bring you the very latest innovation consumer protection technology.

This lets you check the legitimacy of a product before you buy online, helping you make more informed purchase decisions.

Simply paste in an Ebay listing URL here and we’ll give you an indication of whether the product appears to be legitimate or not:

Loading the Vistalworks checker widget...

This technology is still in its testing stage, so we’d love your feedback and suggestions. And the more the tool is used, the smarter it gets - so keep checking those potential purchases.

Remember to always use caution when buying from an online seller for the first time, even on mainstream marketplaces or social media. And if it doesn’t feel right, it is safer not to buy!

Help us refine this technology and protect more shoppers

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Last updated: 18 July 2019

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